Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Process of making SHRIMP PASTE

Large quantity of shrimp. Taken by fisherman at Tanjung Dawai. This is the process of drying the small shrimp.

Mixing the shrimp and salt
After that, all the shrimp will be mixed with salt and and will be put inside the large wooden tumblr or in the ‘guni’. After putting the shrimp inside the tumblr, it will be fused into semi solid dough.

Crushed Shrimp
After the process of mixing the shrimp and salt, the dough will be passed in a machine that squeezing the mixture and passed out as picture upside.. This process also increase the surface area of the paste from open-air dehydration.

Drying the Belacan Dough Part 1
The mixture will be left outside for drying up for couple of hours. It is depend on the weather. Sometimes takes time for a week.

Drying The Belacan Dough Part 2

Lastly, after the dough has dried, we will store it into containers. It is because the mixture will be absorb moisture to return to a dough stage. In a dough stage, the finished goods are then shaped into cakes and divided into "rectangular" cubes of 0.5 kilogram or 1 kilogram per piece for final distribution and sales.

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